Presented during the ICC 2020 Meeting, held online on June 19, 2020.

Technical Achievement Award

Presented to Jaafar Elmirghani for outstanding contributions to the energy efficiency of optical communications.

Best Paper Award in the ICC 2020 SAC Access Networks, Systems and Power Line Communications (ANSPLC) Track

Presented to Oscar J. Ciceri, Carlos A. Astudillo, and Nelson L. S. da Fonseca, for their paper: DBA Algorithm for Cooperative Resource Sharing among EPON Customers.

Best Paper Award in the ICC 2020 Green Communication Systems and Networks (GCSN) Symposium

Presented to Haina Zheng, Ke Xiong, Pingyi Fan, Zhangdui Zhong, and Khaled Ben Letaief, for their paper: Minimum Age-Energy Aware Cost in Wireless Powered Fog Computing Networks.