Presented during the ICC 2017 Meeting in Paris, France, on May 23, 2017.

Best Paper Award in the ICC 2017 SAC Access Networks and Systems (ANS) Track

Presented to Jeremy Van den Eynde, Jeroen Verdyck, Marc Moonen, and Chris Blondia, for their paper: A delay-based cross-layer scheduler for adaptive DSL.

Best Paper Award in the ICC 2017 Optical Networks and Systems (ONS) Symposium

Presented to Zhe Chen and Harald Haas, for their paper: Physical Layer Security for Optical Attocell Networks.

Best Paper Award in the ICC 2017 Green Communication Systems and Networks (GCSN) Symposium

Presented to Tao Li and Silvia Santini, for their paper: Energy-aware Coflow and Antenna Scheduling for Hybrid Server-Centric Data Center Networks.