Officers (Current Term, 2019-2020)



Fabrizio Granelli Chair
Fabrizio Granelli
Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
University of Trento
via Sommarive, 9
38123 Povo (TN) – Italy
Tel. +39 0461-282062
Steve Hranilovic Vice Chair
Steve Hranilovic
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
McMaster University
1280 Main St. W.
Hamilton, Ontario – Canada, L8S 4K1
Tel: +1 905-525-9140 ext. 27620
Walter Cerroni Secretary
Walter Cerroni
Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering “G. Marconi”
University of Bologna
via Venezia, 52
47521 Cesena (FC) – Italy
Tel. +39 0547-339209
Frank Effenberger Standards Liaison
Frank J. Effenberger
Access R&D Department
Network product line, Futurewei Technologies
400 Crossing Blvd, 2nd floor
Bridgewater, NJ 08807 – USA
Tel. +1 908-670-3889
Jochen Maes Industry Liaison
Jochen Maes
Copper Access Department
Bell Labs, Nokia
Copernicuslaan 50
2018 Antwerp – Belgium
Mauro Biagi Newsletter Editor
Mauro Biagi
Department of Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications
University of Rome “Sapienza”
Via Eudossiana, 18
00184 Rome – Italy
Tel. +39 06-44585856