Charter and Scope

The IEEE Communication Society’s (ComSoc) Transmission, Access, and Optical Systems (TAOS) Technical Committee plays a leading role in promoting, sponsoring, organizing, and advancing numerous technical activities in areas of interest to TAOS’ community. The following technical areas are of interest to this community:

  • Digital and analog transmission systems and equipment
  • Technologies, architectures and protocols for optical transmission systems
  • Subscriber access systems and equipment (twisted pair, coaxial, optical, wireless, and combinations thereof)
  • Medium access control protocols for optical, metallic, and wireless media
  • Architectures, performance, and testing of wired and wireless access systems and networks
  • SDH/SONET transmission systems
  • Network synchronization
  • Inductive coordination and electrical protection of wired media

Activities of TAOS in this regards include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ComSoc conferences and symposia (including our flagship ICC and GLOBECOM conference)
  • ComSoc Workshops and Tutorials
  • ComSoc-sponsored conferences and workshops
  • Journal/magazine special issues
  • Standards activities
  • Promotion of industrial contribution to ComSoc technical activities
  • Facilitation of exchange of  technical ideas, innovations, and news among our global community (academic and industrial)
  • Nominations for IEEE Fellow grade
  • Nominations for Distinguished Lecturer program
  • Nominations for IEEE/ComSoc Awards
  • Collaboration with other TCs and other constituencies and organizations of our global community