Presented during the ICC 2019 Meeting in Shanghai, China, on May 21, 2019.

Best Paper Award in the ICC 2019 SAC Access Networks and Systems (ANS) Track

Presented to Yao Sun, Gang Feng, Lei Zhang , Mu Yan, Shuang Qin, and Muhammad Ali Imran, for their paper: User Access Control and Bandwidth Allocation for Slice-based 5G-and-beyond Radio Access Networks.

Best Paper Award in the ICC 2019 Green Communication Systems and Networks (GCSN) Symposium

Presented to Johnson Opadere, Qiang Liu, Ning Zhang, and Tao Han, for their paper: Joint Computation and Communication Resource Allocation for Energy-Efficient Mobile Edge Networks.

Outstanding Service Award

Presented to Athanassios Manikas in recognition of his contributions as TAOS Chair in 2017-2018.