Presented during the ICC 2018 Meeting in Kansas City, MO, USA, on May 21, 2018.

Best Paper Award in the ICC 2018 Optical Networks and Systems (ONS) Symposium

Presented to Anil Yesilkaya, Tezcan Cogalan, Erdal Panayirci, Harald Haas, and H. Vincent Poor, for their paper: Achieving Minimum Error in MISO Optical Spatial Modulation.

Best Paper Award in the ICC 2018 Green Communication Systems and Networks (GCSN) Symposium

Presented to Rubayet Shafin, Lingjia Liu, Jonathan Ashdown, John Matyjas, Michael Medley, Bryant Wysocki, and Yang Yi, for their paper: Realizing Green Symbol Detection Via Reservoir Computing: An Energy-Efficiency Perspective.